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10/28 - State of the Network Address

posted Oct 27, 2010, 7:49 PM by System Administrator
Thank you everyone for continuing to use the support ticket system. We appreciate your patience as we tackle the most challenging support issues and continue to improve our end user support systems. We have recently made some changes to the communications mechanisms that we would like everyone to know about. We are making great progress with the security, filtering, and group policy implementations on the network. As we wind down the virus outbreak containment process, we will begin recycling the computers that were replaced in the labs. Over the next two months you should see them rolling into classrooms across each campus. Supporting end-users is still our top priority, so the computers will be re-imaged and deployed as the support schedule permits.

Earlier this month, during a very informative and productive tech committee meeting, the following updates to our procedures were discussed and refined.
  • Weekly support planning conference calls (every Monday at 9:30am) now include the media specialist from both schools so we can get an "educators perspective" on what items need to be considered priority.
  • Media specialists from either building now have express access to our tech coordinator (Angel) to expedite service requests.
  • Implementations of software that concern servers needs to be discussed with our engineering team before software is purchased to ensure a smooth and quick deployment onto the network.
We found this guidance and collaboration with the Tech Committee to be extremely useful and informative. We look forward to tweaking our procedures to accommodate all the end users at your schools, and we appreciate the input very much.

And lastly, we are making changes to our support team roster in the very near future. We are bringing more employees on-board (which has always been the goal of SGRITA to grow the local economy). Soon we will have another full-time technician at your district and we will also have another engineer on the team that will help with the heavy lifting of larger projects and the network upkeep.

Thank you all again very much for your patience. We understand this process has been long and hard, but in the coming weeks, you should all see the benefits of everyone's hard work. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!