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2/2 - Important information regarding the classroom projectors

posted Feb 2, 2011, 9:27 AM by System Administrator
We have been tracking issues with some of the projectors eating up bulbs rapidly for the last few months. In diagnosing the problems, we have found that some of the projectors are wired into the lighting systems in the classrooms. This makes the light switch in the room control the projector and it shuts off immediately when the switch is thrown..

This presents a very serious issue because over time, shutting off the hot projectors without allowing them to go through their cool-down phase can damage the bulbs and other electronics inside the unit.

We are planning to move any and all projectors that are currently wired to the light switches off to their own circuit. This will take some time as Mr. West has his electricians move throughout the schools correcting this electrical wiring issue.

Together, our team and Mr. West will identify and log all the systems that need to be corrected and begin work immediately to ensure we are not decreasing the life expectancy of the systems by hard powering them off without the proper cool-down stage.

This is just an update about the issue and how we are working to correct the problem.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you!

Dustin Springman
Network Director
[SGRITA] South Georgia Regional
Information Technology Authority
office: 866.606.7103
fax: 229.725.6140
mobile: 229.726.9103

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