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8/12 - Network Status Update

posted Aug 12, 2011, 7:04 PM by System Administrator
We've had a few issues with the infrastructure upgrades, but we are happy to report that we're now making progress by leaps and bounds. At this time, the following are fully RESOLVED:

- Main infrastructure servers are online and operational
- HS, MS, and now ES Labs are all online and operational
- 99% of all phone and computer connectivity issues are now resolved*

Open issues and up-coming events that you should be aware of:

- We have another 2-3 weeks of re-cabling and network infrastructure upgrades that will probably result in the occasional "user knocked offline accidentally" situation. We are very sorry about this, but once we get things mapped, labeled, and upgraded, it will be 3-5 years before we will need to mess with it again, so please continue to be patient with us! Thank you all!!
- A few application servers are still a little flaky. We hope to have them all resolved by end of next week.
- Imaging server is still offline as we move it to its new home. This will delay the deployment of some new computers and re-imaging of existing machines that have problems that require a format. This should be resolved by the end of next week.
- Polyvision boards are still an issue and we are working hard to find a permanent solution. We should know more late next week.
- Wireless AP's will be upgraded soon. The HS main building is already complete and is where we are testing for any changes that may need to be made before we roll out the upgrade to the entire district. ETA on this is 3-4 weeks. **THIS PROCESS MAY REQUIRE US TO TOUCH YOUR LAPTOP TO CONFIGURE IT FOR THE NEW NETWORK!

More to come, thank you everyone. Have a great weekend. Our team will continue to work through the weekend to get you all up and fully operational as soon as possible.

- System Administrator