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Changes Coming Soon!

posted Dec 14, 2009, 12:28 PM by System Administrator
Hello all Calhoun County System users. Thank you all for your patience while we migrate the servers and systems. As part of this migration, we will be upgrading the Active Directory server system (the server that controls all your user accounts) to Windows 2008. This will give us significant performance and control enhancements, but it will have one adverse effect.. Your user passwords will be reset and scrambled as part of this migration. 

Here is the important information:

What is happening?
All domain passwords will be reset and scrambled!

When is this heppening?
Effective Dec. 31st 2009

What does this mean?
When you return to school your current password to login to the computers will not function.

Where and when do we get our new password?
When you return to school, please see the Media Specialist for your location and they will give you a temporary password. You will be required to change your password on first use (please use something you will remember).

Please ask one of the Tech Contacts for your facility if you have any issues or questions. Thanks!!