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posted Nov 20, 2009, 4:19 AM by System Administrator
There is a pretty nasty virus that began sending millions of requests per second to and from servers and computers all over the internet. This is what CNN has labeled a "glitch" that affected the FAA and Airport computers yesterday.. They probably just don't want to give recognition to the vandals that created this bug, but the truth is, its a very elaborate and powerful "zero day" virus. We have contained it on the SGRITA network, only one county we support has an active infection. They have been administratively taken offline to avoid further infection and disturbance to other users while we implement a cure. You may notice some "choppy" internet throughout the day today. All internal applications that run from servers inside your building should be completely unaffected. If you have any issues other than "slow, sluggish, or choppy internet", please create a ticket as usual. If it is just internet issues, please be advised that we are working on it with every resource we have available. Thank you.