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Digital Phones Know How

To have your speed dial buttons configured, click here!

Please allow up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect.

Dial an Extension:

Very simply, just dial the 4 digit extension.

Dial an Outside Line:

Temporarily for ALL CALLS, you will be required to dial the full #9 + 10 digits to reach an outside number. Example: 9+1.229.725.6132. This will be reduced to simple 7 digit dialing when the phone lines are completely transitioned to the SyncSouth system.

Transferring a Call:

When you have a caller on the line that wants to speak to someone else, simply press the <MORE> softkey just below your screen and then select <TRANSFER>. Now, dial the extension, then you have a decision to make, assist the transfer or not.
  • Assisted Transfers = You stay on the line and alert the caller to who is on the line. When you hang up, the caller will be bridged with the intended recipient and the call will drop from your phone.
  • Blind Transfers = You simply dial the extension or number that you are transferring the caller to and then you hang up. This will send the caller to the intended recipients phone and if there is no answer, it will ultimately send the caller to that persons voicemail.
Accessing Voicemail:

1.) Press the "messages button" on the phone.
2.) Enter your password (default passwords are your extension, please change immediately).
3.) Follow the prompts given by the message attendant.

Recording Voicemail Greetings:

This requires a little explanation. With this system there are three types of voicemail greetings.
  • Not available = The phone was not answered.
  • Busy = The phone is in use and the person did not answer using call-waiting.
  • Do Not Disturb = Useful for when in meetings or busy working on something important, the DND message alerts the caller that you cannot be disturbed at the moment. (Don't forget to take DND off when you are done!).
Using the prompts provided by the message assistant, you can personalize all these messages with your own recording. We recommend you do this for all three of the greetings and do it immediately. This will help people that are trying to reach you better understand the state in which your phone and thus you are in.

For a complete manual of the phone's features, see the attachment listed below.
System Administrator,
Jan 10, 2011, 9:41 PM